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We are a multidisciplinary and creative team of political scientists, sociologists, journalists, economists, publicists and lawyers. Our team is prepared to serve customers and answer questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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With 40 years of experience in the political heart of Brazil, our mission is to use our expertise to predict risks, anticipate trends, identify leaders, disseminate messages, convince audiences and design high-impact institutional strategies.

We are the only public affairs company in Brazil to receive the prestigious Pollie Awards, given annually by the American Association of Political Consultants to the world’s leading political strategists.



Founded in 1982, we are the leading Brazilian company in political analysis, strategy and public affairs.

Headquartered in Brasília and with offices in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Washington DC, we have more than 100 clients in our portfolio, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies from the most diverse sectors and industries.


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In addition to the office in Brasília and the two most important cities in Brazil,

ARKO ADVICE also has offices in the U.S.


+55 (61) 3248-4968

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São Paulo

+55 (11) 2639-4569 arko@arkoadvice.com.br

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Rio de Janeiro

+55 (21) 2201-7543 arko@arkoadvice.com.br

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Washington D.C.


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Murillo de Aragão


CEO and founder of Arko Advice and founding
partner of Advocacia Murillo de Aragão (Brasília), Murillo has authored three
books: “Pressure Groups in the National Congress” (Maltese, 1992), “Political
Reform – The Unpostponable Debate” (Civilização Brasileira, 2014) and “Stop the
Machines” (Sulina, 2018). He is also a columnist for Veja magazine.

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Cristiano Noronha

Vice President and partner at Arko Advice since 1999, Cristiano Noronha is a Business Administrator and has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Brasília. He was professor of Political Science and Administration (UPIS and UNB). Cristiano regularly gives lectures to foreign investors in the United States and Europe. He is the editor-in-chief of “Political Scenarios” and “Brazilian Politics”, a weekly political analysis newsletter from Arko Advice, subscribed by hundreds of banks, investment funds and national and multinational companies.

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Thiago de Aragão

Thiago de Aragão is a sociologist and holds a master’s degree in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University. He is an Associate Researcher at the French Institute of International and Strategic Relations and Director of Strategy at Arko Advice.

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Lucas de Aragão

Communication Director and partner at Arko Advice, Lucas de Aragão has a degree in political science from UniDF and a master's degree in electoral campaigns and government from Fordham University (New York). Several of his articles have been published in political science journals and periodicals in Brazil and around the world.

In 2013 and 2014, Lucas de Aragão was awarded the prestigious Pollie Awards, presented annually by the American Association of Political Consultants to the world's leading political strategists.

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Partner of Arko Advice, Michael Lopez holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and comparative literature from the University of Pennsylvania. He was an editor and columnist for the Sound Politiks Journal of Political Science.

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Partner and co-founder of Arko Digital, Felipe Dizioli is a specialist in marketing, communication, design, technology and business digitalization, and has been working in the financial market since 2008. He founded and directed Pilgrim, a marketing and innovation consulting firm, for 13 years and is an investor-adviser at CWS Digital, a technology company.

Felipe is at the forefront of the process of modernization and digitalization of Arko Advice's business and media models and is responsible for the scalability of the company’s services.

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Understand everything about the political game with the best analysts in Brazil.


Murillo de Aragão / Thiago de Aragão / Lucas de Aragão / Cristiano Noronha / Michael López

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